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(24.) Galen's anatomical reports substituted monkeys for men because Roman law forbade dissecting human cadavers; Barbary apes, therefore, served as imitation or counterfeit humans--miniature replicas of our anatomical form or shape lacking the all-important albeit invisible rational soul--that could be experimented on, even tortured, with impunity.
Nobody much needed designer water, or Farmmcoochie boots, or SUVs, or McMansions with enough space for a large colony of Barbary apes, which typically they contained.
Not by the Raffles kind of gentlemen jewel thief, once played by Anthony Valentine, but by the Barbary apes that live on the Rock of Gibraltar.
Legend has it that as tong as the Barbary apes roam the Rock of Gibraltar, it will stay under British rule--as it has been since 1783.
Perhaps known best for the Barbary Apes which populate The Rock and, more lately, for the diplomatic wrangling between Spain and Britain over its sovereignty, Gibraltar has plenty to offer for either a short break or as an excursion during a longer trip to the Spanish costas.
Gibraltar is famous for its Barbary apes, but as far as Victor is concerned the place is simply full of monkeys.
6 do not show the homeland of Barbary apes, and do not correspond to assertions in the text that there were monkeys in Egypt, Dilmun (which is said to include Failaka), Magan (not discussed) and northwest India (pp.
"A legend says that if the Barbary apes ever desert Gibraltar, the British will follow," explains a historian-inresidence at the Pig and Whistle Bar.
And be careful when you sip - - or the light-fingered Barbary apes will steal it.
Legend says that if the Barbary apes ever leave Gibraltar, so will the British and the Rock will return to the rightful owner - Spain.
It is best known for its famous Rock, which dominates the area - and for the Barbary apes, which live on the Rock .
What type of monkey are the so-called Barbary Apes of Gibraltar?