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Barbara, winner of 1983 Nobel Prize for work related to genetics.
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During the 1940s Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock showed that genes could jump--move laterally within the chromosome or even between chromosomes--as well as move vertically from generation to generation as in the conventional model.
The new edition of "Animal Fables from Aesop" adapted and illustrated by Barbara McClintock is certain to become a classic revisited for children of all ages.
The author studied writing with South African poet Dennis Brutus and genetics with Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock.
He writes, "As so often happens with radically new ideas, Barbara McClintock was simply dismissed by the audience with a bored and indifferent shrug.
Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary" story by Beverly Donofrio, illustrations by Barbara McClintock (Schwartz Wade Books, $16.
Barbara McClintock (1901-1992), a geneticist who integrated classical genetics with microscopic observations of the behavior chromosomes, was regarded as a genius and as an unorthodox, nearly incomprehensible thinker.
Edwin Fotheringham, illustrator of Tony Baloney; Barbara McClintock, illustrator of fairy-tale retellings; Sean Qualls, illustrator of Dizzy; and Raina Telgemeier, author/illustrator of Smile.
In addition, 12 high-profile children's illustrators, including David Shannon, Mark Teague, Norman Bridwell, and Barbara McClintock, have created exclusive posters featuring their interpretations of what it means to "Read Every Day.
The work extends theories of the renowned cytogeneticist Barbara McClintock, who originally discovered moveable genetic elements.
The transposable genetic elements, or "jumping genes," discovered in the middle of the 20th Century at CSHL by Nobel prize winner Barbara McClintock, are the building blocks of plant genetics research today.
The Big Fat Little Lit" also includes comics from authors and artists such as Harry Bliss, Ian Falconer, Jules Feiffer, Neil Gaiman, Barbara McClintock, David Sedaris, J.
Watson, Sydney Brenner, Barbara McClintock, and Hermann Muller.