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(bar'bă), [TA]
1. The beard.
2. A hair of the beard.
Synonym(s): beard [TA]
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Neither Barbar nor the Foreign Ministry could be reached for further comment.
The minister lauded the efforts exerted by the Barbar Charity Society's board since its establishment three years ago.
"He picked up the fugitives from Abu Saiba graveyard and took them to his apartment in Barbar.
Being the first Arab amputee woman to be participating in the triathlon, Dareen Barbar highlighted her passion for fitness and her participation in internationally renowned competitions.
Barbar was 15 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer that led to her left leg being amputated above the knee.
Unlike Barbar, which is almost always packed, there is only a trickle of customers around Beit Halab.
I thought it might be informative to compare the Barbar with a modern ancestor, in the guise of a 12-gauge Mossberg Model 500 Trench Gun with a Cylinder bore, 20-inch barrel and a weight of 714 pounds.
On this occasion, Sir Michael Barbar also delivered a special lecture on the development planning.
If you like bands like Swarm of the Lotus, Anodyne, Sweet Cobra and Cream Abdul Barbar etc, this is a must.
Excavated by Danish colleagues, the settlement site at Qala'at al-Bahrain and the temples near the village of Barbar four kilometers distant are two of the most important sites in the Persian/Arabian Gulf.
By Barbar Conable's time (1986-1991), the same expansionary bias which proved invaluable earlier had turned into a liability in a changing world.
Caesar Barbar, who is 5ft 10 and weighs 20 stone, said the fast food chains misled people.