Barany, Robert

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Robert, Austrian-Hungarian otologist and Nobel laureate, 1876-1936.
Bárány alarm apparatus
Bárány apparatus
Bárány box
Bárány caloric test - a test for vestibular function. Synonym(s): caloric test; nystagmus test
Bárány chair
Bárány noise apparatus
Bárány noise apparatus whistle
Bárány sign - nystagmus induced by injecting either hot or cold water into the external ear canal in the caloric test.
Bárány syndrome - the direction of a fall is influenced by changing head position in the presence of equilibrium disturbance.
Bárány test
positional vertigo of Bárány - brief attacks of paroxysmal vertigo and nystagmus due to labyrinthine dysfunction. Synonym(s): benign positional vertigo
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