Bar, Paul


Paul, French obstetrician, 1853-1945.
Bar incision
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When led to the elegant upstairs bar, Paul was finishing of a meeting with some of his brigade.
After four decades working at The Florida Bar, Paul Hill, longtime general counsel and head of governmental relations, retired in January.
In a bid to bring thirsty customers flocking to the bar, Paul has pledged to stage live musical events from local artists.
During his career at the Bar, Paul has made a significant contribution to the development of the law in personal injury work, particularly in industrial disease litigation, in which has a particular expertise.
A deep Derek Pender free-kick from the right was headed back across goal by Shane Guthrie, keeper Murphy completely lost the flight of the ball and, when it dropped down off the bar, Paul Byrne bundled home.
Owner of Newz Bar, Paul Flanagan, said: "The charity is close to all our hearts.
The tension became unbearable when, coming out of a gay bar, Paul was seen by some men in his unit.
So, having met in a very posh hotel bar, Paul proceeds to get wildly drunk on Martinis, while Miriam sinks more than a few white wines.