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a. A male whose sperm unites with an egg, producing an embryo.
b. A male whose impregnation of a female results in the birth of a child.
c. A man who adopts a child.
d. A man who raises a child.
2. A male parent of an animal.
3. A male ancestor: He has died and now sleeps with his fathers.
a. A man who creates, originates, or founds something: Chaucer is considered the father of English poetry.
b. A man who serves or is thought of as a protector: beloved as the father of the nation.
5. Father Christianity
a. God.
b. The first person of the Christian Trinity.
a. An elderly or venerable man. Used as a title of respect.
b. One of the leading men, as of a city: the town fathers.
c. or Father A church father.
d. A member of the senate in ancient Rome.
7. Abbr. Fr.
a. A priest or clergyman in the Roman Catholic or Anglican churches.
b. Used as a title and form of address with or without the clergyman's name.
v. fa·thered, fa·thering, fa·thers
a. To provide the sperm that unites with an egg to produce (an embryo, fetus, or child).
b. To act or serve as a father to (a child).
2. To create, found, or originate: father a political movement.
3. To attribute the paternity, creation, or origin of: "[Swift's] ideas about the education of the young are fathered on to the Lilliputians" (George Orwell).
To act or serve as a father.


Social medicine The biological and/or rearing male figure in a family unit. See Secondary father.

Patient discussion about father

Q. What is the risk of biabetes if my father got it? My father was recently diagnosed at the age of 55 as having Type 2 Diabetes. Do I have a greater risk of developing diabetes also?

A. Indeed, as a first degree relative of a diabetic patient you have a higher risk of developing diabetes than the average person. The risk of developing diabetes depends on many factors, both genetic and non-genetic (nutrition, weight and exercise). The risk also depends on other relevant conditions you may have (for example hypertension, elevated blood cholesterol or lipid levels).
It should be mentioned, that even for an individual whose parents both have type 2 diabetes, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes isn’t 100% but rather less than 50%.

Q. My father is depressed after his retirement. My father is depressed after his retirement. My mom is depressed due to my sister’s divorce. My sister is depressed because of her husband’s irresponsibility. Her child is depressed of its parents. I am depressed because of all these. What is this Great Depression all about? Any answer?

A. hello friend....sometimes you have deal with the hard times without loosing it,or getting depressed...things happen in life..that we may not like all the time...you have to learn to accept them..and move on...people lose their jobs...people lose their homes...and people leave each other all the time...YOU..have to be strong..and get on with your life....HERES a question for you...think about what the world wwould be like if every time something happened to..a person that they didnt like...they all got depressed......??????

Q. Hello ! my name is Joe and i am a father to an Autistic child .. my son is 5 years old , and recently he has been diagnosed with a slight autistic behavior .. nothing serious according to the doctors .. but i am afraid it will effect his life later on .. i always knew he is a little special and that he his a little different than the other children at the garden ... but know getting a label on it " Autistic" make me feel .. i don't know .. a little afraid and blur in the meaning of what does it mean ... i am here because i was hoping maybe to get an advice or any thing else that would be helpful for me to realize and lern the new "discover" and the unknown label of being "autistic" , do i need to supply different things and attention to my child ? does he need to go and learn in a special school ? how do i treat it by medical terms and treatment ? lots of questions and i have no answers by now .. hope i'll get what i am looking for here .... Thanks any way ...

A. Joe, you seemed confused. i hope you understand that it's O.K to be confused, no one was born with the innate ability to cope with all of this. you have a great amount of questions about being a father to an autistic child, i suggest using the help of "Autism Society of America" which is an organization full of wonderful people who are here to help. here is a link to their site:

please update me if that was helpful!

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This happened when, at the end of a day of fishing, Bapak Nadjir found a baby crocodile in his nets and decided to take it home.
According to Shiraishi the "arrival" and definition of the New Order bapak occurred in the aftermath of the coup attempt of Oct.
30 1 HARTWRIGHT (Hayley Turner) EvensF 2 Bapak Bangsawan (12-1) 3 Indian Affair (9-4) 5 ran 1, nk.
In third place was Speightstown, a sire well known in Europe courtesy of Lord Shanakill and Bapak Chinta, who had an impressive winners-to-runners ratio of 57 per cent.
Ryan's youngsters to keep an eye on are Brocklebank, Dozy, Hamza, Bapak Chinta, On The Dark Side and Inetrobil.
We should thank God that in a critical situation, Bapak (Father) Suharto took a wise step by stating to resign from his presidency, so a possibility for a broader chaos can be avoided on time," he said.
Bapaknosurprise It's rarely safe to dismiss a Kevin Ryan-trained two-year-old - a lesson learned the expensive way by those who laid 50-1 shot Bapak Sayang in the 6f maiden.
Despite an absence stretching back to Royal Ascot, BAPAK CHINTA has plenty going for him in the Group 1 Emaar Middle Park Stakes (2.
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