Guido, Italian physician, 1852-1925. See: Banti disease, Banti syndrome.
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La seconda parte di Il puro e l'impuro contiene una serie di saggi sulle esperienze teatrali di autrici italiane forse piu note come romanziere: da Paola Masino a Elsa Morante, da Anna Banti a Alba de Cespedes a Natalia Ginzburg.
In La nazione del Risorgimento, Alberto Banti argues that the foundational myth of Risorgimento history and culture was grounded in gendered symbols that posited woman as the passive signifier of the Italian nation.
Literary works by women written in the late forties and early fifties are, of course, excellent sources of perspectives on the private lives of women then; we think of such writers as Natalia Ginzburg, Alba de Cespedes, Anna Banti, Elsa Morante, and Gianna Manzini, to name but a few.
Quartermaine's translation joins the exciting trend of English translations of prominent Italian women writers, such as Anna Banti, Dacia Maraini, and Franca Rame, who live on in another language and reach an ever-increasing reading public.
However, significant relationships are difficult to establish because, in Banti, friendship "assumes mythical qualifies pertaining to a utopian world more than everyday life" (59).
WALES: Hennessey, Gunter, Blake, Williams, Taylor, Vaughan, Bale, Ledley, Ramsey, Bellamy, Morison MONTENEGRO: Bozovic, Zverotic, Savic, Batak, Balic, Drincic, Pekovic, Vukcevic, Jovetic, Dalovic, Vucinic REF: L Banti (Ita) ATT: 17,500
Dicevo dei suoi molteplici interessi e degli svariati autori su cui Garboli ha esercitato la sua personalissima acribia critica: Moliere, Leopardi, Manzoni, Pascoli, Longhi, Penna, Parise, Delfini, Montale, Anna Banti, Natalia Ginzburg, Elsa Morante.
Equivalenze pittorico-verbali in Roberto Longhi e Anna Banti.
Angela Jeannet's essay brings us into the twentieth century although she also begins with an well-informed synopsis of feminine icons and myths associated with the city of Rome from antiquity through the Renaissance, Risorgimento and Fascist periods before showing how Mafia Benonci, Anna Banti, Alba de Cespedes and Angela Bianchini refuse, refigure and reinterpret these symbols and myths.
Banti, La signorina e altri racconti (New York: 2001).
L'aptitude a repondre aux interets individuels et cellectifs exprimes par les colleges electoraux qui pouvait avoir cette trame dense et diffuse de mediations clientelistes gerees par les notables locaux formerait, d'apres Alberto Banti et selon cette perspective, une caracteristique essentielle du systeme politique de l'ltalie de la fin de ce siecle (37).
Many major super Tuscan producers like Biondi Santi have bought land in southern Tuscany, and one of the results is more attention is being paid to other Tuscan DOCs like Morellino di Scansano, where producers Erik Banti, Fattoria Le Pupille, Moris Farms and Aia della Macina, among others, turn out seductive Morellino and creative baby super Tuscans.