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n the legal process by which a person, business, or corporation is declared to be insolvent and unable to pay creditors.
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The 10 questions most asked by bankruptcy lawyers about the type of insurance issues they may be facing in bankruptcy proceedings this year and what they need to start doing right now to be prepared to litigate these issues
Parties close to the bankruptcy proceeding identified the investment company as Lone Star Opportunity Fund, a Dallas-based company that formed in 1996.
As a result, bankrupts are likely to find their NOLs largely or entirely absorbed by debt discharge income incurred during the bankruptcy proceeding.
Additionally, no assurance can be given as to what values, if any, will be ascribed in the bankruptcy proceedings to each of these constituencies.
The Ritter Ranch project - envisioned as a state-of-the-art, master- planned community in the hills of west Palmdale and south of Elizabeth Lake Road - has been entangled for years in lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings.
said Daniel Golden, the attorney representing the Official Bondholders Committee in the Hillsborough bankruptcy proceeding.
Some filing consequences are common to all bankruptcy proceedings.
Nasdaq:DRRA), announced today that a Canadian court, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, entered a "Foreign Recognition Order," which recognized under Canadian law the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings commenced by DURA and its U.
But Seaver scoffs at the idea that determining how much the hospital would be worth if it were sold would facilitate the bankruptcy proceedings.
its principal pipeline subsidiary, to negotiate a settlement in its bankruptcy proceedings.
In bankruptcy proceedings, just as in nonbankruptcy proceedings, the burden of proving a deduction for bad debts is on the taxpayer.
The Stable outlook reflects the conclusion of United's bankruptcy proceedings and the airline's assumption of the airport's use and lease agreement through a Stipulated Agreement granted by the Bankruptcy Court on May 2, 2006.