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THE letter from the Holme Valley councillors Ken Sims and Donald Firth quite correctly points out that Kirklees Council has wasted our money bringing it to the point of bankrupcy.
If Kingfisher was incorporated in the US, it would have been subjected to restructuring under Chapter 11 of US bankrupcy laws long ago.
One of my clients experienced a "limit" loss, and we provided the coverage that saved him from company and personal bankrupcy from the incident.
Nor is it possible to conceive that any one of the united States will prefer a National Bankrupcy and a dissolution of the Union, to a compliance with the requisitions of Congress and the payment of its just debts--so that the officers and Soldiers may expect considerable assistance in recommencing their civil occupations from the sums due to them from the Public, which must and will most inevitably be paid.
This forced many travel agencies into bankrupcy and led to lay-offs across the board.
SENTIMENTALITY in the punting game carries baggage - in most cases bankrupcy and a Brazilian rainforest of boxes of Kleenex.
Owner Terry Ledden last night said he is pleased he's no longer "in limbo" and facing potential bankrupcy while waiting for council red tape.
They don't have to be as traumatic or as devastating as a bankrupcy, divorce, heart attack or life-threatening illness to be considered a fall.