Bankart, Arthur S.B.

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Arthur S.B., English surgeon, 1876-1951.
Bankart dislocation
Bankart lesion - related to shoulder dislocation.
Bankart procedure - surgical repair of Bankart lesion.
Bankart reconstruction
Bankart repair
Bankart retractor
Bankart shoulder repair set
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Stability was noted to decrease as the size of the glenoid defect increased, and glenoid lesions greater than 21% were not adequately stabilized with a soft tissue Bankart repair. In a separate cadaveric study, Greis et al.
Miro, "Arthroscopic Bankart repair for recurrent shoulder instability: a retrospective study of 86 cases," Journal of Orthopaedics, vol.
Surgical treatments for recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder include passive interventions using capsule ligamentous repair like Open or Arthroscopic Bankart repair or bone block to create barriers and active interventions using muscle action like Bristow's operation, [6] where the tip of coracoid along with the conjoined tendons is fixed to the anterior glenoid rim through the subscapularis, but has many disadvantages as shortening of the subscapularis muscle, internal rotation contracture, limited external rotation, non-union of the coracoid process to the neck of the scapula and injury of the musculocutaneous nerve.
(8) This bone loss is also associated with higher failure rates of the arthroscopic Bankart repair and therefore a bony procedure may be necessary.
Anterior tightening procedures like Magnuson-Stack and tight Bankart repair result in greater posterior joint loads leading to pain and arthrosis but, anatomic procedures produce more normal mechan-ics.12,13 On the other hand, many authors believe that Bankart operation has excellent clinical outcome and is the treatment of choice for traumatic shoulder dis-location especially for young athletic patients,14-16 although there are studies that insist on older non-anatomic procedures like Bristow-Laterjet and reported equal results between Bristow and Bankart procedures.10,17,18
The recurrence rates were similar regardless of whether open versus arthroscopic surgery techniques were used for Bankart repair in the recurrent dislocator.
Arthroscopic shoulder stabilization was recommended and an anterior and posterior capsular shift with anterior Bankart repair were performed (Figure 3).
Arthroscopic Bankart repair is an established option for patients with isolated soft tissue Bankart lesions, yet Burkhart and coworkers reported a near 70% instability recurrence rate following soft tissue stabilization with underlying bony Bankart or Hill-Sachs lesions.
The Arthroscopic method offers a less invasive technique of Bankart repair.
Danaceau, "Articular arc length mismatch as a cause of failed bankart repair," Arthroscopy, vol.
Soft tissue injuries to the capsule and labrum are the most common and can usually be addressed with arthroscopic Bankart repair. Significant osseous defects are less common but if not addressed can lead to recurrent instability.