Bankart, Arthur S.B.

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Arthur S.B., English surgeon, 1876-1951.
Bankart dislocation
Bankart lesion - related to shoulder dislocation.
Bankart procedure - surgical repair of Bankart lesion.
Bankart reconstruction
Bankart repair
Bankart retractor
Bankart shoulder repair set
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Arthroscopic Bankart repair is an established option for patients with isolated soft tissue Bankart lesions, yet Burkhart and coworkers reported a near 70% instability recurrence rate following soft tissue stabilization with underlying bony Bankart or Hill-Sachs lesions.
The Arthroscopic method offers a less invasive technique of Bankart repair.
8) This bone loss is also associated with higher failure rates of the arthroscopic Bankart repair and therefore a bony procedure may be necessary.
Anterior tightening procedures like Magnuson-Stack and tight Bankart repair result in greater posterior joint loads leading to pain and arthrosis but, anatomic procedures produce more normal mechan-ics.
The recurrence rates were similar regardless of whether open versus arthroscopic surgery techniques were used for Bankart repair in the recurrent dislocator.
Soft tissue injuries to the capsule and labrum are the most common and can usually be addressed with arthroscopic Bankart repair.
25,27) Isolated soft-tissue stabilization with an all-arthroscopic revision Bankart repair can be successfully performed in symptomatic patients with unidirectional instability and absence of a Hill-Sachs lesion or a non-engaging lesion.
In a similar case report, Chapovsky and Kelly (29) described the use of three osteochondral allograft plugs implanted arthroscopically for the treatment of recurrent instability secondary to an engaging Hill-Sachs lesion in a 16-year-old male patient following Bankart repair (Fig.
Long-term independent evaluation after arthroscopic extra-articular Bankart repair with absorbable tacks.
In comparing those arthroscopic procedures, in which fifth-year residents reported that they were allowed to perform versus those which the director thought they were allowed to perform, there was a significant difference in the following procedures: lateral release, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tunnel creation, meniscal repair, Bankart repair, and rotator cuff repair (Fig.
Recently, in a cadaveric study, Itoi and coworkers (21) found decreased stability to anterior glenohumeral translation after Bankart repair in the presence of a glenoid defect larger than 21%.
Ide J, Maeda S, Takagi K: Normal variations of the glenohumeral ligament complex: an anatomic study for arthroscopic Bankart repair.