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, t-BOC
Abbreviations formerly used for t-butoxycarbonyl; current usage is Boc.


Abbreviation for t-butoxycarbonyl.
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Laurentian Bank of Canada is a financial institution operating across Canada.
It is a closed-end unit trust established by Royal Bank of Canada. The redemption of the RBC TruCS - Series 2008-1 units will be financed out of the general funds of RBC Capital Trust.
When the Bank of Canada removed feminist icons Therese Casgrain and the Famous Five from the back of the 50-dollar banknote in 2011 and replaced them with an Arctic icebreaker, many people were angry because they felt female heroes were being frozen out.
The cuts are a response to new estimates by the bank that show the country's economy contracted in the first half of 2015, according to a Bank of Canada news release.
National Bank of Canada, the sixth largest bank in Canada, is an integrated provider of financial services to retail, commercial, corporate and institutional clients with about 20,000 employees and 2.4 million clients.
The Bank of Canada however has denied the charges, responding that the design shows a 'stylised maple leaf', amalgamating the several types found in the country and was created with the help of an expert.
Royal Bank of Canada currently employs around 550 people in the Asia-Pacific region in its wealth management and capital markets businesses.
"The timing of Putnam Lovell's renewal at Park Avenue Tower nicely coincided with the end of National Bank of Canada's lease, so it seemed like a good opportunity to take advantage of the office space and infrastructure Putnam Lovell already had in place," said Serge Lacroix, managing director and general manager of The National Bank of Canada.
The Business Development Bank of Canada (BOG) is proud to announce the transfer of Mr.
Canadian Airlines will no longer accept American Express cardmembers transferring reward points into its frequent flyer programme, according to Amex Bank of Canada.

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