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bhangra (bhängˑ·r),

n Latin name:
Eclipta alba; parts used: whole plant, roots, seeds, seed oil; uses: in Ayurveda, balances kapha and vata doshas (pungent, bitter, light, dry), antiinflammatory, hepatoprotection, hypotensive, alopecia, ringworm, liver conditions, catarrh, cough, hemorrhage, indigestion, roots: emetic; purgative; precautions: none known. Also called
babri, bhringaraja, false daisy, tekarajah, or
trailing eclipsa.
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The icing on the cake for National Dance Company Wales' Ann Sholem is that this positive reaction to her team is coming from a culture more associated in European eyes with Bangra, Bharatanatyam and even Bollywood than cool, contemporary choreography.
He condemned the trend of bangra, circus, theatre etc.
Status: Honey Bangra, Sukhdip Bal, Sunil Masih, Ramji, Vijay Kumar, Makan Lal, Bhupinder Singh - in jail along with Pakistanis Abu Al Imad Shibli Mohammad Akram and Ehsaan Allah Ud Din and Bangladeshi Eman Hussain Khalil Majee.
Bangra (2006) attested that FDI generates export diversification in the host nation if it positively affects the export intensity of industries with a low share in global exports.
Performance groups including the Al Fan Al Bahri from Oman, Theatre of Dance Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]NAZEoe1/4ao from Kazakhstan, Shandong Song & Dance Troupe from China, and Bangra (India) will join the celebration with traditional dances.
There will be children's rides in Bond gate, fairground rides in the Market Square tomorrow, and a Culture X plosion music event on Sunday from 1-6pm featuring hip-hop, bangra, indie and pop bands.
With rock, bangra, soul, R&B and hip-hop influences, not to mention samba, salsa and reggae, Carnival Vol II a tad self-indulgent, and at 16 tracks a bit baggy, but some stand-out moments make up for the flights of fancy.
Frenzied Indian drummers and bangra dancers greeted guests entering the theater.
Located on Bangra Sahib Road in Connaught, New Delhi's business district, the hotel will offer travelers convenient, luxurious and safe accommodations only 15 kilometers from the city's international airport.
Tenders are invited for Ofc Laying Work Under Nofn Project Phase-Ii In Bangra ( Olt At Bngr) Block Of Jhansi Ssa
AN iconic Asian dance is in the spotlight at a new exhibition The display at Huddersfield art gallery is about bangra - a Punjabi dance widely used for weddings and festivals.
Residents of these villages, for instance of one Chainpur Bangra, have set a communitarian punishment of ` 5,000 for all those Muslims who do not vote this time, even those working outside the state.