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(bahng), Avoid the incorrect forms Bangs and Bangs'.
Bernhard L.F., Danish veterinarian and physician, 1848-1932. See: Bang disease.
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Drug slang
verb A regional term meaning to inject a drug.

verb A slang for having sexual intercourse.
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The dried leaves of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant from which MARIJUANA is derived.
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You definitely get more "bang for the buck" with multi-joint exercises.
Here's how the CBO ranks tax breaks according to their "bang for the buck" criteria.
Technological advances and manufacturing efficiences have made disk media better than ever, giving both consumers and enterprises more "bang for the buck." And for primary backup that aids business continuation in case of a disaster or other type of problem, disk makes sense.
For a state official or an administrator, the value of assessment may lie in identifying how to get "the most bang for the buck" when tax dollars are at a premium.
Arguably the DVD player with the most bang for the buck is Visual Disc and Digital Video Corporations' APEX AD-600A ($179.99@Circuit City).
In any event, keep up the good work, although I do prefer your old format--more bang for the buck!
Low-priced Dobsonians provide the biggest bang for the buck, and Orion's new 8-inch f/6 SkyQuest XT is no exception.
Most importantly, the seller gets more bang for the buck, as the commission payable is generally the same in either an open listing or an exclusive.