bandpass filter

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band·pass fil·ter

a device that allows a limited range of frequencies to pass.
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Figure 3 shows, for different versions of Muller-Lyer images (first column), the narrow band-pass filtered images (second column), amplitude envelopes estimated with DESA (third column), and amplitude profiles along the location of each shaft (fourth column).
Figure 1 plots these weights for the monthly trend band-pass filter with [[omega].sub.Upper] = 2[pi]/96 and [[omega].sub.Lower] = 0, which passes components with periods greater than 8 years (= 96 months).
These band-pass filters consist of digital high- and low-pass filters each with 48 dB/octave steepness.
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Most noises mentioned above can be filtered out by using a band-pass filter because the main energy of QRS is in the range of 5-15 Hz.
A two-pole dual-band band-pass filter with a bandwidth of 30 MHz with centre frequency at 2.45 GHz and 435 MHz with centre frequency at 5.2 GHz is synthesized according to the dual-band filter synthesis technique [2].
The using of the wavelet decomposition method as a band-pass filter has a very wide range of applications.
RF BPF1 is an RF band-pass filter to eliminate the out-of-band signals, especially the strong unwanted signals, to avoid saturating the amplifier A1.
3.1 The construction of the approximate band-pass filter
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