Band-Aid Solution

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A generic term for any partial or ‘cosmetic’ solution to a problem, often referring to a treatment that falls far short of that demanded by the disease being treated
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Lane Arts Council was a Band-Aid solution (for the Jacobs) to make it work for now," Lane Arts Executive Director Andrew Toney said.
But beyond this Band-Aid solution, the ministry is also attempting to find a long-term answer to the classic excuse for the pathetic state of the country's roads: lack of funds.
The latest plans smack of a band-aid solution to cover the crisis until the general election is out of the way.
But there is no denying that years have gone by with only a band-aid solution being applied to a gushing wound.
I borrowed a friend's USR PCMCIA modem as a Band-Aid solution and went about solving the problem.
Risk assessment is controversial in the industry and Hill believes this approach is a corporate Band-Aid solution.
He called the report just another Band-aid solution.
Without this data, the executors risk applying a Band-Aid solution that will not stick over the long term.
Censorship is merely a Band-Aid solution that only censors the results and not the true causes of potential abuses of speech.
However, TQM is not a band-aid solution to quality problems.
Viadine focuses on attacking the causes behind the problem and is not a Band-Aid solution for the symptoms as other products may be.