bandpass filter

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band·pass fil·ter

a device that allows a limited range of frequencies to pass.
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We use only low level cues to get salient region information, by using band pass filter and also observation likelihood.
Band Pass Filters. Figure 10 illustrated the wiring diagram of the band pass filters.
The wavelet de-noising algorithm is better than band pass filter, low pass filter, wiener deconvolution been employed to reduce the grain noise.
In this study, a Class A log domain filter based on KHN structure is designed to obtain low pass, high pass and band pass filter characteristics.
Finally the known values of impulse responses of low and high pass filters determine the impulse and frequency responses of a band pass filter hbp[n].
Mukherjee, "Multi-band notch UWB band pass filter with novel contiguous split rings embedded in symmetrically tapered elliptic rings," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
References [1, 2] outline the direct design methods for a dual-band band pass filter. In [1], two filters operating at different frequency bands are combined with common input/output ports.
The transmission function [H.sub.BP](s) of band pass filter [3] [4] is:
In this case, the grid works as a band pass filter with a center frequency of 3.3 GHz.
Using digital signal processing techniques automatic gain control, notch filter and band pass filter have been incorporated for initial processing of raw data to enhance the weak events from far offsets and suppress any coherent noise.
* Band Pass Filter--The band pass filter stage passes a single radio broadcast range.