Endoscopic Band Ligation

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A treatment for esophageal varices, in which synthetic bands are placed around actively bleeding vessels. Band ligation may be more effective than the widely accepted sclerotherapy used to obliterate varices
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A prospective, randomized trial of butyl cyanoacrylate injection versus band ligation in the management of bleeding gastric varices.
Mean age group was 39.3 +- 1.9 years for double band ligation and 41.2 +- 2.1 years for single band ligation.
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100 patients each were either given Daflon 500 mg or underwent Rubber Band Ligation. Daflon 500 mg was given in the dose of 1 tablet thrice a day.
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A randomized controlled trial also found carvedilol is comparable to variceal band ligation as prophylaxis for first variceal bleed in overall mortality rate, but had a lower incidence rate for first variceal bleed.
The aim of the present work is to assess the use of sucralfate after variceal band ligation and to clarify its role in healing and prevention of post-variceal band ligation ulcers bleeding.
Results: A total of 105 patients underwent rubber band ligation. There were 65(62%) males and 40(38%) females with a male to female ratio of 1.6:1.
Of nonoperative techniques, rubber band ligation produces the lowest rate of recurrence (SOR: A, systematic reviews).
Variceal band ligation is as effective as injection sclerotherapy and is the endoscopic intervention of choice both for acute variceal bleeding and long-term variceal eradication therapy.