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Haematology See Band
Parasitology A mature trophozoite intraerythrocytic form of Plasmodium malariae
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The band formed initially in 2007 under the name Halide.
The musician, reportedly aged 70, was previously producer to the world-renowned band formed by his brothers Malcolm and Angus Young.
The band formed in 2015 and very quickly shot up 'one-to-watch' lists in early 2016 with the release of singles L.U.V and Rita Ora.
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Nifty's is a Kelezmer (musicians)-jazz band formed 1999 in Austria.
The band formed around 1850 and is one of the oldest silver bands in the country.
The band formed in the Summer of 2009 and their career went from strength to strength after releasing their first album, which shared the band's name.
0121 446 3232 MUSIC Death Spells The American digital hardcore band formed in 2012.
This year's bill features a line-up of international musicians, including Brooklyn musician Ashley Paul; Sax Ruins, a sax band formed in 2006 in Tokyo; and Baba Commanadant and The Mandingo Band who will be making their first visit to the UK from Burkina Faso in West Africa.
The band formed in 2013 but have since spent the time writing, rehearsing and recording tracks for their upcoming EP.
The band formed, initially as something of an acoustic diversion, from the hardcore punk outfit, The Bronx, in 2009.
The band formed after Liam's brother Noel quit Oasis in August 2009.