Banana Bag

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An IV fluid bag containing minerals—magnesium sulfate and vitamins—which impart the yellow colour, used to correct nutritional and chemical imbalances in ICU and CCU patients. They are particularly helpful for alcoholics whose diets may lead to thiamine and folic acid deficiencies
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If, after all my advice, you're still panicking about your bananas rotting, then you can buy a drawstring banana bag - yellow to match its contents - and store them in your fridge so they'll keep longer.
The only downside is there's less of an excuse to make banana cakes from the overripe bananas!' Banana bag, PS5.98, Lakeland
Sarah said: "While unpacking the fruit, my sister noticed the spider come out of the banana bag. We've caught it, but we're not sure what type it is or what to do with it."
Wallflower girl couples and the County Fair daisies, roses on their cheeks crack when I go by so my banana bag spills: broken roll-on strawberry gloss, bummed bong, red twelve-toothed pocket comb, thong.
A Banana Bag & Bodice presentation, in association with Shotgun Players, Magic Theater/Z Space and New Works Initiative, of a musical in two acts with music by Dave Malloy, book and lyrics by Jason Craig.
Fans of Brit Art will like the striking blue and orange banana bag from Michael Craig-Martin, the ex-Goldsmiths tutor who taught Damien Hurst and Tracy Emin.
MAIN PICTURE: White lace trim tunic, pounds 35, from Evans LEFT: Floppy fedora hat, pounds 20, cream linen and crochet top, pounds 30, crochet waistcoat, pounds 30, embroidered jeans, pounds 35, brown leather fringe banana bag, pounds 35, all from Miss Selfridge ABOVE: Embroidered top, pounds 18, from Etam
feeling y fruit From cherry earrings to banana bags, these buys look good enough to eat 1 TWISTING MY MELON Jazz up a plain outfit with this cool watermelon clutch, PS50, John Lewis, 2 SUPER STRAWBS Teeny tootsies will look super cute in these booties by Starchild Shoes, PS17.95, 3 FORBIDDEN FRUIT They may have been banned at Reading and Leeds Festivals this year, but pineapples are having a style moment.
Masterpak provides the agricultural and horticultural industry with: compost and forage bags, greenhouse covers, ground cover film, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, silage covers, soil disinfection film, grape vine covers, water membrane and banana bags.
For this year's program, Oster is helping Organics Unlimited roll out colorful POS materials and banana bags designed to appeal to kids.