Baltic Sea

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Baltic Sea,

a sea in northern Europe.
Baltic myeloma - autosomal recessive condition with onset between 8 and 13 years of age, characterized by myoclonic and generalized seizures, relatively frequent in the Baltic region, particularly Finland.
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THE cruising market is the fastest growing tourism segment with financial and economic characteristics making it essential for Wales to acquire a greater part of that global market dominated by the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Baltic seas.
A large part of Estonia's investments also go to countries in the Baltic Sea region.
Coupled with effective management of human activities, the establishment of MPAs is an important mechanism to support a healthier marine environment and as a consequence sustainable fisheries", added Anne Schroeer, Oceana Baltic Sea Project Manager.
The existing studies into the evolution and future of the eastern Baltic Sea coasts have been mostly either descriptive [6-8,22] or focused on various scenarios of the water level rise [3,10,23-25] or on the role of combinations of storm surges and rough seas [4,7,8,26-28].
The properties of wave fields in the Baltic Sea essentially depend on the relationship between the area of high winds, the wind direction, and the geometry of the water body.
This is why the Baltic Sea Action Summit is by far the most important meeting ever on the future of the Baltic.
Besides, in recent years mass development of filamentous algae has been reported in the northern Baltic Sea and such drifting algal mats may facilitate the spread of the associated invertebrate species at wide distances (Kotta et al.
Li said China will support companies with advantages in equipment, to the railway projects in the Baltic Sea area.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- "The Future of Baltic Sea LNG Markets to 2020" is a complete research and outlook report on Baltic Sea LNG infrastructure, trade, investments, capacity, planned projects, technology, contracts, companies and market outlook.
Gazprom Chairman Alexei Miller announced the signing of a shareholder agreement on the development of the second phase of the twin Nord Stream pipeline system in the Baltic Sea with his counterparts at German energy companies BASF and E.
In the last few years, the Baltic Sea has re-emerged as a potential area of concern for international peace and security," says Keiko Ono, Vice President of the Islands Society.

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