Baltic Sea

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Baltic Sea,

a sea in northern Europe.
Baltic myeloma - autosomal recessive condition with onset between 8 and 13 years of age, characterized by myoclonic and generalized seizures, relatively frequent in the Baltic region, particularly Finland.
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The Ministers of Environment of the HELCOM member countries exchanged views on the most pressing issues of protecting the marine environment of the Baltic Sea area.
The Nord Stream 2 Project involves the construction of an offshore natural gas transmission system with two 1,220 km pipelines from the Russian Baltic Sea to the German Baltic Coast.
Some observers say China's arrival in the Baltic Sea can be interpreted as response to US military activity in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.
US officials claimed that the American jet was on a "routine" mission over the Baltic Sea in international airspace.
2013) and are one of the core assets in the evaluation of the local wave climate in different domains of the Baltic Sea (Broman et al.
com/us-slams-russia-over-su-24-fighter-jets-flying-near-naval-destroyer-baltic-sea-2353658) USS Donald Cook , in the Baltic Sea, raising concerns over the Russian flight maneuvers.
I believe that it is incredibly important that more local islanders in the Baltic Sea - particularly women, minorities, and next generation leaders - participate in strategic dialogues related to foreign affairs, cultural relations, and climate change.
While Sweden has not linked any country to the suspected intrusion - and Moscow denies involvement - the incident sent a chill through the Baltic Sea region, where Russian forces have been accused of a series of border violations on land, sea and air in recent months.
HMS Montrose will take part in Baltops, the largest multinational naval exercise in the Baltic Sea this year, to improve maritime security in the region, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.
Several factors have been considered to be responsible for these surface blooms in the Baltic Sea.
The proposed measures would result in an overall increase of 10% (a total of 644,000 tonnes) in fishing opportunities for EU vessels in the Baltic Sea for all species except salmon stocks.
These TACs reflect improved stocks and the fact that after three years of deep cuts, three of the six Baltic Sea stocks have achieved maximum sustainable yield (MSY, the level that assures renewal of the species), said Damanaki.

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