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use of baths in the treatment of disease.
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, balneotherapy (bal'nē-ō-thār'ă-pū'tiks, -thār'ă-pē),
Immersion of part or all of the body in mineral water as a form of therapy.
[L. balneum, bath]
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The therapeutic use of baths, especially in mineral-rich waters.
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Treatment of disease by baths.
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The effect of balneotherapy at the Dead Sea on the quality of life of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome.
The patients with different clinical forms of psoriasis treated with balneotherapy at the Kulasi Spa, Republic of Srpska, for three weeks (19 patients).
Effect of balneotherapy on temporospatial gait characteristics of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.
Also, because balneotherapy involves other factors, such as a healthy diet and exercise--not to mention the natural beauty of hot-springs locales and the perks of spa life--who can prove that the water alone did the trick?
These include: increased kidney clearance via increased water intake; increased removal of blood impurities through the liver and kidneys by encouraging blood circulation; aiding excretion through sweating (which also occurs when underwater); and promotion of detoxification through chemical mediators in the case of balneotherapy (for example via the effects of various bath salts or minerals) (Boyle and Saine 1988).
Mud-pack application alone or in combination with balneotherapy has been found to be effective in painful arthritic processes.
(12, 13) demonstrated that balneotherapy decreases depression and fatigue, supports antioxidative defensive system, decreases cholesterol level and leads to improvement in chronic pain especially together with other physiotherapy approaches.
However, an hour later, I felt completely energised and managed a brisk walk on the beach, so perhaps Balneotherapy works in mysterious ways!
"They are both booked in for a luxury pampering Balneotherapy treatment.
TABLE SUMMARY OF COMPLEMENTARY/ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES FOR FIBROMYALGIA Level of Therapy Evidence(*) Benefit([dagger]) Acupuncture 1b (++) Biofeedback 1b (+) S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) 1b (+) Balneotherapy (spa treatment) 4 (+) Hypnotherapy 4 (+) Massage 4 (+) Meditation 4 (+) Bright light treatment 1b 0 Low-output helium-neon laser 1b 0 Malic acid 200 mg and magnesium 50 mg orally 3 times daily 1b 0 Rheumajecta and Vasolastine injections 1b 0 Selenium 100 (g orally daily in tow soil selenium area 1b 0 60 to 300 hz musical vibrations 2b 0 Chiropractic management 4 0 (*) Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine ( where 1a is best and 5 is worst.
High Altitude massage, Balneotherapy (hydrotherapy in kelp and seaweed with body wraps), and Alpine Salt glow are a few of the signature treatments available at the amenity-packed spa.