Ballistic Gel

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A standardized medium with a density similar to human and mammalian soft tissues, into which weapons are discharged to assess the force and penetrability of bullets fired and energy transfer from bullets
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For example--depending on bullet weight and barrel length, the puny diminutive underpowered .22 Short will penetrate three to six inches of ballistic gelatin (out of a rifle it will penetrate eight to nine inches).
If you're new to comparing the terminal ballistics of bonded big-game bullets, the measure for success is currently held to a 60 percent standard when tested against bare ballistic gelatin at 100 yards.
In fact, testers have found multiple bullets with no damage at all after creating enormous simulated wound channels in ballistic gelatin. These recovered bullets can often be reloaded and used again.
To score well in the protocols, the bullet must penetrate a minimum 12 inches in ballistic gelatin but preferably not more than 18 inches--and the larger the recovered diameter the better.
The resulting ballistic gelatin test dimensions are similar to an impact by a .308 180-gr.
Joel Edwards didn't know much about guns or bullets, almost nothing about ballistic gelatin, and he had never run a business.
Interestingly, since opening the new factory, SIG buys and uses more ballistic gelatin in developing and testing its ammunition than any other company in the United States.
They were beating on an object that would imitate a human head, spheres of synthetic bone covered in rubber skin and filled with ballistic gelatin, a material that simulates muscle tissue.
The HoneyBadger[TM] 9mm and .45 ACP were designed to provide optimum performance in ballistic gelatin while avoiding over-penetration.
For terminal ballistics testing, properly prepared and calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin has proven to be a reliable test medium based on years of comparisons with human shooting victims and wounds in live pig tissue.
At 50 yards the BBs penetrate ballistic gelatin 2.29 inches, and at 40 yards, a far more practical shooting distance--that is if you actually want to hit something--BBs penetrate 2.65 inches, the No.
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