Ballistic Gel

A standardized medium with a density similar to human and mammalian soft tissues, into which weapons are discharged to assess the force and penetrability of bullets fired and energy transfer from bullets
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SIG does so much "live" ammo testing they buy and use more ballistic gel mix than any other manufacturer in the country.
Barrier blind" bullets are those that perform in ballistic gel (and presumably bad guys) no differently after passing through an intervening barrier.
Tests show this load penetrates 13 inches of ballistic gel.
I also fired rounds into ballistic gel faced with heavy clothing and got nearly 0.
The tests are designed to measure penetration into a block of 10-percent ballistic gel, which simulates human muscle tissue.
Our bonus marketing materials includes a demo ballistic gel block and we encourage retailers to take advantage of this offer and put some rounds in .
You feel the power, you feel the force, but when you fire and then go to the ballistic gel and see what it did, your appetite for either being the giver or the receiver of such a present goes away.
Foam targets, plywood, plastic, metal, and even ballistic gel all impede the flight of an arrow with friction.
Now police have installed ballistic gel on his window which is capable of withstanding the impact of a 501b missile.
The upset threshold for most expanding handgun bullets is abrupt, and the Winchester 240-grain Platinum Tip will not upset in ballistic gel at 100 yards when fired from a 6 1/2-inch Model 657.
So, I reached out to Jeff Hoffman, President of Black Hills Ammunition, to see if they'd done any ballistic gel testing using short-barreled rifles (www.
I also have the results of years of tests performed as ballistic gel demos in law enforcement classes.
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