Ball and Socket

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Referring to a morphology in which there is a sharply circumscribed round mass surrounded by a clear or lucent space followed by a density similar to the first central ‘ball’
Imageing An appearance of the sequelae of epiphyseal fractures with a primary fusion of the central portion of the epiphysis, appearing as a ball within a relatively radiolucent ‘socket’, seen in infantile scurvy, battered child syndrome, and acromelic dwarfism
Parasitology An appearance typical of the trophozoites and occasionally the cysts of Endolimax nana and Iodamoeba buetschlii, in which there is a large, deeply staining karyosome lying in an empty space; the nuclear membrane is not visualized as the chromatin is not peripheral
Rheumatology A descriptor for the radiologic appearance of compressive erosions in the interphalangeal joint of rheumatic diseases, where a central sclerotic zone is surrounded by an osteoporotic ‘ring’
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Hip, hip for treatment DEVELOPMENTAL dysplasia of the hip covers a variety of conditions in which the ball and socket joint do not develop properly.
He said the ball and socket, known as a coupling, was approximately 35 years old.
You have a ball and socket joint where your leg meets your hip.
DJO Surgical's FMP Acetabular System combines the Company's existing Cobalt-Chrome and ceramic femoral heads with a new wear-resistant, highly crosslinked polyethylene cup liner to form the hip ball and socket joint.
DEVELOPMENTAL dysplasia of the hip describes a variety of conditions in which the ball and socket of the hip do not develop properly.
Designed specifically for the Mac user, the Goldtouch for Mac offers superior adjustability due to the exclusive locking ball and socket latch mechanism.
The hip is a ball and socket joint, which allows the upper leg to move from side to side, back to front and to rotate.
IN the basic operation, the surgeon cuts off the top of the femur, the thigh bone, which forms the ball and socket hip joint.
Joints in your body that move like this are called ball and socket joints.
This unique technology offers a ball and socket design that more closely matches the sizing of a natural femoral head, resulting in a greater range of motion, which may also reduce the incidence of dislocation.
One of the wonders of modern medicine was the development of a hip replacement procedure in which the old ball and socket are replaced with artificial (metal and plastic) components, eliminating pain and allowing sufferers to walk with ease again.