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The surgery was successful with an implantation of the new ball and socket to the affected hip.
Expert witness Mark White, the technical manager of Bradley Doublelock, tested the ball and socket link.
This reversal of the ball and socket changes the shoulder's center of rotation and shifts the workload of a damaged rotator cuff onto the deltoid muscle.
Resurfacing uses an all-metal ball and socket joint (more durable than the plastic socket used in total hip replacement), so the device is expected to be longer lasting.
When it comes to twisting movements, the ball and socket joint is the king.
The joint, which lies directly in back and below the fingers, is a ball and socket joint, and the leg rotation originates from there.
In absence of a personal trainer who can administer verbal cues to keep you on track, learn to think of your knee as a hinge, not a ball and socket.
A flexible ball and socket hose that holds its position is used to direct the cold air to the point of use.
The company molded 15 hollow beads of the material to connect the neck's ball and socket joints.
This "ball and socket" arrangement allows a wide range of motion, including sitting, standing, walking, and other daily activities.
People with this condition often suffer excruciating pain from years of stress and inflammation that damage the hip's ball and socket. To fix the problem, surgeons usually replace the damaged femur tip with a metal ball-shaped prosthesis.