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the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, which include Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.
Balkan frame - metal frame above a bed which provides for limb suspension, named for the Balkan wars, 1908-1913.
Balkan nephrectomy
Balkan nephritis - chronic progressive nephritis seen predominantly in Balkan countries.
Balkan nephropathy - interstitial nephritis occurring in the Balkan countries.
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You will find 300 pages of valuable information in this unique in-depth analysis of the Western Balkans countries photovoltaic market.
'We have a vested interest in the Western Balkans being strong, and being able to stop this migration pressure.
The RCC's Secretary General Bregu will share the findings of the Balkan Barometer 2019 with the meeting's participants, followed by the presentation of the RCC's Annual Report for period 2018-2019 and organisation's Strategy and Work Programme 2020-2022, both expected to be endorsed at the RCC Annual Meeting and adopted at the SEECP Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.
Ramet discuss this topic through historical and political lenses and contend that this process can have serious repercussions, both in the Western Balkans and internationally.
In historical, archaeological and other sources, there is a large number of data and evidence for the presence of this community in the Balkans. With the usage of the cultural-historical method and clarification of historical, archaeological, and other facts, by searching this community in the context of historical and social processes, we came to the conclusion that the reason for Egyptian colonization in the Balkan Peninsula is the exploitation of mineral wealth, especially metal.
Approximately, one-third of this increase was contributed by the Balkans, which may be attributable to the increased international visibility and impact of the journal.
The communique that was endorsed today confirms a commitment to gender and equity that is aligned with ongoing efforts to strengthen regional cooperation in the Wester Balkans and address common challenges.
"Balkan Natural Adventure is happy to support art making in Kosovo which will help the country to make a better image and increase international cooperation of Kosovo film makers.
[ClickPress, Thu Mar 01 2018] Balkan Natural Adventure an adventure tourism company from Kosovo has entered an agreement with one of the star hikers of the country Arineta Mula, in order to do a promotional walk in the Peaks of the Balkans tour, and invite more women to become mountain guides.
The Balkan region may not be too well known for its cuisine, cocktails or wines, but an Arlington, VA, bar aims to change that.
Also, the author advances the claim that the peoples in the Balkans, having lost any enthusiasm for the multiethnic status quo, predominantly strive to finally accomplish the imagined monoethnic greater state projects - so-called Greater Serbia, Greater Croatia and Greater Albania.