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The subdivision of a department in a hospital or academic institution—e.g., internal medicine—into specialized fields—e.g., cardiology, dermatology, nephrology, neurology, et al—each having its own separate administration, staff, and ‘turf’
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Those who raised anti- India slogans had received foreign funding to balkanise the nation," Major General ( retired) Dhruv C Katoch said while leading a march by exarmymen against the alleged anti- national activities at JNU.
But it would be fatal to Balkanise Westminster by creating first and second-class MPs for votes on the floor of the Commons.
This is, however, an attempt by the EU, with Government connivance, to balkanise our nation into regions, resulting in another expensive layer of bureaucracy to be paid for in higher taxes.
These assemblies have no constitutional basis, compete for limited public financial resources with county assemblies and do nothing more than balkanise Kenya further along ethnic lines.
DID PRIME Minister Indira Gandhi plan to liberate Pakistan occupied Kashmir and balkanise Pakistan, after helping Bangladesh win the 1971 liberation war?
Speaking in Brussels, he dismissed a report that his commission intended to "Balkanise" the police force by dividing it into 26 separate units for the regional council areas.
That leaves one wondering whether he was anything more than a sleeping partner in New Labour's plan to Balkanise Britain with regional assemblies, not only in Wales and Scotland but within vague English zones, such as the North West or North East.
SIR - Following William Dylan's letter ('Don't Balkanise Britain,' December 22, 2003), scaremongering about the aftermath of Welsh (and Scottish) independence, my thoughts are that it would constitute nothing short of crass stupidity for us and the Scots to attack England after independence.