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The subdivision of a department in a hospital or academic institution—e.g., internal medicine—into specialized fields—e.g., cardiology, dermatology, nephrology, neurology, et al—each having its own separate administration, staff, and ‘turf’
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This is a nuclear-tipped, hightech version of the African condition where, after a century of Balkanisation and control by colonial powers, the place was inherited by other powers that seek to portray Africa's artificial countries as real, and keep the real native communities apart.
Syria's Fragmentation History: Weighing the likelihood of a regulated federalisation of Syria as a sound alternative to its chaotic "balkanisation", Kosach has invoked historical precedents: "In theory, the federalisation of Syria is feasible.
La balkanisation est le fait du contexte d'avant l'avenement de la famille ISO 9000 des normes en 1987.
'It can lead to only one thing: the Balkanisation of Britain.
A confidential report prepared by the CPA in Baghdad says the attacks by insurgents in Iraq have escalated sharply, prompting fears of what it terms Iraq's "Balkanisation".
Maher's final three chapters depict the increasing "Balkanisation" of the world's fourth most populous nation.
It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanisation of the surrounding Arab States into smaller and weaker states.
WORRIED by the threat of balkanisation of Nigeria by some pro-Biafran secessionist groups, the Oba of Benin, Omo N'Oba Ewuare has appealed to politicians to do their best to keep the country united as one single entity.
Teachers should not be sucked into the politics of the day but help quell ethnic balkanisation by being role models within and outside the classroom,' he added.
How can the 'Balkanisation' of the network be avoided by developing national security strategies?
We loathed the balkanisation of the continent into small unviable states, most of which had borders which did not make ethnic or geographical sense.
of supporting separatist movements in Pakistan, calling it a strategy aimed at balkanisation of the country.