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baldy, baldy-faced

said of cattle to mean a white face and usually indicating a Hereford influence in the animal's breeding.
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On Wednesday, December 11, a horde of human Baldies will take to the streets of New York to hand out Baldies t-shirts and demonstration disks with five sample levels of the game.
The average baldie will have to undergo 1,000 injections.
Carsley and Gravesen THEY were a duo of many nicknames - the gruesome twosome, and two baldies, to name a few - but David Moyes just called them irreplaceable.
But the two baldies tussling over that comb retain a respect that Parliament has lost.
They will work to help educate baldies about the need for care and protection of the head.
These closet baldies may feel more in control but they should be prepared for women to tilt their heads with curiosity - is he one of those who's losing it or is he a wash 'n' go hero with no time for Toni & Guy?
The good news for baldies is that scientists have found a cure for hair loss.
She said: "We thought Adam should join us baldies and raise some funds in the process.
Rhondda side Valley Big Swigs finished second on the day with 100 points and third place went to Gwent Baldies with 87 points.
Around 50 baldies were roped in for a special screening of the controversial black comedy An Everlasting Piece prior to its release earlier this year.
My view is that we've tried the bullet-headed baldies so why not give the flowing locks a go?