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baldy, baldy-faced

said of cattle to mean a white face and usually indicating a Hereford influence in the animal's breeding.
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He pointed urgently toward the flock of baldies, but Marjorie still couldn't find Che.
The indistinguishable baldies, Lee Carsley and Thomas Gravesen.
With Bald Guyz," he explains, "they will help educate fellow baldies about the need for care and protection of their head while helping us to kill the comb-over.
With Bald Guyz, they will help educate fellow baldies about the need for care and protection of their heads while helping us to kill the combover," adds Brauner.
THREE Irishmen have proved they are a cut above the rest - by raising millions of dollars for charity turning Americans into baldies.
It's also not so bad for the greying temples of newsman Huw Edwards and even baldies like Craig Quinnell.
It was a pop-up book starring ten little big-headed baldies who were preparing for bed while a talk-balloon (coming from off-page) counted down the minutes left.
Other breeds included Charolais, Simmental, Black Baldies, Gelbviegh, Limousin, Longhorn, and Beef Boosters.
The company will release four CD-ROM titles within the first quarter of 1996: Tempest 2000, Highlander, Baldies, and FlipOut
read a headline in the Star of the following day, responding to the idea of outing closet baldies.
Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, Times Square and other vulnerable New York locations are bracing themselves for tomorrow's invasion of Baldies, the cute but ruthless little bald characters featured in the new multiplayer CD-ROM strategy computer game from Panasonic Interactive Media.