Bald Spot

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Molecular biology A popular term for a nonhybridizing zone on a hybridization blot—Southern, Northern, Western—which corresponds to a technical artifact, due to inadequate bathing of hybridization fluid in the bag containing the radiolabelled or biotinylated probe
Vox populi A hairless patch on the scalp
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"Only one contact," he said, "and this"--pointing to a small, bald spot on his head, where it had come into contact with an almond-sized rock--"is my souvenir."
If you notice a bald spot on your head, don't go to your doctor.
When he snips off a cowlick, for example, it leaves a bald spot, and the whole student body ends up having to get checked for suspected ringworm.
q: Recently, I noticed a small bald spot in the top middle of my head, and I'm only 37!
Gilbert, a late-30s single traveler with a goatee, sparkling eyes, bright conversation, and a shining bald spot, arrived two days early in Barcelona, the cruise's launch point, and signed up for precruise land tours.
Using laser scanning, Createc Corporation, a supplier of beaded foam, and Bald Spot Sports, a manufacturer of custom racing seats, both located in Indianapolis, IN, have simplified the seat fabrication process.
You can scratch a bald spot on Four head trying to figure out how to cut miters on crown molding.
Why, one might muse on seeing Duncan, 2002, is this bespectacled fellow in the brown and gray T-shirt, with a vast field behind him, looking down toward his feet as if he'd rather show his bald spot than his face?
I studied my chocolate bar wrapper, the exit signs, the curtain pelmet, even the bald spot on the head of the man in front - everything but the stage, where nothing of the least interest was happening.
Since I've come up here I twist my hair so hard it snaps and now I have a bald spot that my barrettes can barely cover.
One manager said, "It wasn't something I couldn't change, but knowing that others made a big deal of it still bothers me." His problem was that he had a large bald spot. He carefully teased his remaining hair across the spot in an attempt to hide it.
He has also shared the aftereffects - including a bald spot on his head - after completing his treatment on Thursday.