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Jozsef, 20th-century Hungarian physician. See: Baló disease.
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Under Dr Balar's study, the injections of pembrolizumab shrank tumors by at least one third in 24% of study participants.
The current "first-line" standard of care in bladder cancer, Balar says, is cisplatin, a drug that kills tumor cells by preventing them from repairing damage to their DNA.
23 September 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL yesterday downgraded to D from A4 the ratings on the INR16m (USD321,600/EUR238,200) packing credit, INR44m post-shipment credit and INR15m proposed short-term bank facility of Indian diamonds manufacturer and trader Balar Exports.
However, other land grabbers - Saleem Balar Jokhio, Ameen Jokhio, Mukhtar Muhammad Jokhio, Zaheer, Agha Shah Gul, Amjad Qureshi and Abbas - managed to escape the scene.
You would suppose that Facebook did not need additional promotion, but Meenal Balar, International Marketing Manager for the social networking site, thinks otherwise.
There are also balar hsaing ensembles, which only give strictly instrumental performances of hsaing music and do not accompany theatrical plays or dances.
Indonesian Abu Balar [sic] Bashir, who is the largest prophet of the group JI, hopes to take the southern provinces of Thailand, together with Malaysia, absorbing all of Singapore and attach them to the territory of Indonesia and on top of that take the southern island of the Philippines as well.
Pero como las variaciones permitidas pueden balar a 33 caracteres por linea y subir a 49, segun dejamos dicho, los resultados son asombrosos: la plana oscilaria entre 1056 (33 x 32) y 1617 (33 x 49) caracteres, bajando a 26,4 lineas (1.056 : 40) o subiendo a 40,4 (1617 : 40), con una oscilacion de hasta 14 lineas pos pagina (40,4 / 26,4); entonces, el cuaderno podria variar nada menos que en 224 lineas (14 x 16) o en 7 planas: casi en un 50%.