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The popular 'insider' term for the round logo that graces the top left corner of The New England Journal of Medicine
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oEverybody was happy with the food bazaar because you cannot find these Indonesian foods like Mie Bakso [Indonesian noodles] anywhere else in Abu Dhabi,o said Purnama.
Some of the restaurants that visitors can find at Food Hall are Gudeg Mbok Kliwon, Din Tai Fung, Bakmi GM, Kick Chick, Nasi Goreng Senayan, Sate Khas Senayan, Hung Town, Oenpao, Sushi Kios, Chicken Chick, Es Teler 77, Bakso Wonogiri, Pondok Pecel Madiun Ibu Iyus, RM Nasi Kapau Sabana Bana, JIExpo Cafe, Talaga, and Kerak Telor, Toge Goreng Khas Betawi, and Sate Ayam, located at the outer side of Hall E.
In Jakarta, Bali, Palembang, Pontianak and so many other places I have met singers, palm oil farmers, bakso (meatball soup) sellers, bankers and schoolteachers.