Bagolini test

Ba·go·li·ni test

a test for retinal correspondence with the subject observing a figure through two striated lenses.
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B., 20th century Italian ophthalmologist.
Bagolini lens
Bagolini test - a test for retinal correspondence.
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At the last FU, the Bagolini test was positive at distance and at near with the right eye performing a corrective outward saccade.
Testing of binocularity with the Bagolini test showed suppression of the left eye.
In strabismus cases, suppression was checked with the Worth 4-dot test, and anomalous corresponding was tested with the Bagolini test.
In the successful surgery group, there were 99 (54.796) patients who had positive Bagolini test results versus 35 (41.2%) patients in the unsuccessful surgery group; the difference between the two groups was statistically significant (p=0.004) (Table 4).