Bruno, 20th-century Italian ophthalmologist. See: Bagolini test.
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Orthoptic measures included were Snellen visual acuity, squint angle at near and distance, adduction and abduction measured with the Kestenbaum limbus test [7], binocular single vision (Harms tangent screen), and stereo vision (Bagolini, Lang, TNO, and Titmus test) [3].
Bagolini, "Leakage of Spinal Fluid into Upper Lid Following Trauma," A.M.A.
In strabismus cases, suppression was checked with the Worth 4-dot test, and anomalous corresponding was tested with the Bagolini test.
(49) It deserves to be reminded that the first attention paid to Scandinavian legal-philosophical culture traces back to the Italian legal scholar Luigi Bagolini in 1949.
Binocular vision was examined using Titmus Test, Randot Test, Lang Test and fusion was examined using Bagolini lenses and Worth 4dot Test.
--Productos de lascado: Aquellos productos que solo presentan un unico plano, tanto el de lascado como el de percusion, tradicionalmente conocidos, y siguiendo a Bagolini, como lascas, laminas y/o lascas laminares.
At the last FU, the Bagolini test was positive at distance and at near with the right eye performing a corrective outward saccade.