Bruno, 20th-century Italian ophthalmologist. See: Bagolini test.
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Tenders are invited for Processing of Vitreotomy cutter for existing Phaco-system, Indirect and Direct Ophthalmoscope, Eye Bank Keroto-analyser, Radiofrequency Cautery, Fransworth Munsell Hunderd -Hue Color Vision Tester, Bagolini Striated Glasses, Hoskin Suturolysis, Smart Vision System, Flippers, etc for department of Ophthalmology
When a Bagolini lens test was conducted, the patient drew this representation of the lines and spotlight.
Bagolini & von Eles 1978: 46; Batovic 1979; Chapman & Miiller 1990: 128, 132; Muller 1994; Sordinas 1969: 407; Skeates 2000: 171), although such a simplified approach overlooks the possibility of hunter-gatherer groups obtaining pottery through exchange or adoption (Budja 2001: 40, 41).
These were situated in valley mouths (Rocca di Cavour: Zamagni 1996a), in valleys (the Rumiano shelter in Vaie: Bagolini & Biagi 1977; Bertone & Fozzati 1998; La Maddalena in Chiomonte: Delcaro 2002) or on the slopes (Balm'Chanto in Roreto: Nisbet & Biagi 1987).
At this time, the first manufacturing sites of polished blades in eclogites appear on the north slopes of the Apennines, and probably in the alpine Piemontese lower valleys (Rumiano in Vaie, following the dating of Bagolini & Biagi 1977).
Bagolini & Pedrotti's (1992) study of surface finds presents interesting evidence for Neolithic activity above the tree-line in the Sudtirol and Trentino, while Bortenschlager et al.