Baghdad boil

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A·lep·po boil

(ă-lep'ō boyl)
The lesion occurring in cutaneous leishmaniasis.
See: cutaneous leishmaniasis
Synonym(s): Baghdad boil, bouton de Baghdad.
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Baghdad boil

(bag'dad) [Baghdad, the capital of Iraq] Cutaneous leishmaniasis.
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capital of Iraq.
Baghdad boil - Synonym(s): Alibert disease II


Jean Louis Marc, French dermatologist, 1768-1837.
Alibert-Bazin syndrome - heterogenous group of malignant lymphomas characterized by the expansion of a clone of CD4+ (or helper) memory cells, primarily affecting the skin. Synonym(s): Alibert disease III; Auspitz dermatosis; cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; granuloma fungoides; mycosis fungoides
Alibert disease I - firm, thickened, irregularly shaped, pink or red growth that arises on and extends beyond an area of the skin that has been injured. Synonym(s): Alibert keloid; cicatricial keloid
Alibert disease II - infection caused by Leishmania tropica. Synonym(s): Baghdad boil; chiclero ulcer; cutaneous leishmaniasis; oriental sore
Alibert disease III - Synonym(s): Alibert-Bazin syndrome
Alibert keloid - Synonym(s): Alibert disease I
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