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capital of Iraq.
Baghdad boil - Synonym(s): Alibert disease II
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No one in their right mind in Baghdad would build brand-new structures like these.
The Najeen defined themselves as "an artistic and literary group of Iraqi professional artists and art students in Baghdad that survived the past and the war" (hence the name najeen, survivors, from the root naja, to survive).
Near Baath Square in the Kerada District of Baghdad, burned shells of former department stores and government buildings still stand like skeletons stripped of all clothing and essence.
21 - Strong blasts rock locations such as the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad where many foreign journalists were staying.
In regards to security, Baghdad should guarantee the safety of the guests and show the Arab leaders that it is capable of providing security to the country.
At the Sharqiya Secondary School, a girls' school in Baghdad once known for its basketball team, after-school sports are no longer offered; parents say the security situation is too risky.
armored personnel carrier that had been attacked and disabled last year in Baghdad.
forces also bombed the Baghdad studios of al-Jazeera and Abu Dhabi TV--even though both networks supplied U.
Anderson and Bashir became fast friends, and the Iraqi's experience becomes the lens through which Anderson tells of the Iraq war in his new book, The Fall of Baghdad.
General Thamer Saadoun, commander of the greater Baghdad police force, assembled 650 officers after two of his officers were shot and killed, "and descended upon a quiet neighborhood in Baghdad," reported the July 24 San Francisco Chronicle.
And so last fall I traveled to the cradle of uncivilization, staying in Baghdad from mid-September to late October, with a four-day trip to the southern city of Basra.
McKeon, R-Santa Clarita, was part of a six-member group that returned Sunday to Washington after visiting troops and touring facilities in Baghdad and Kuwait late last week.