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capital of Iraq.
Baghdad boil - Synonym(s): Alibert disease II
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Years of war, sectarian conflict and insurgencies, as well as a financial and trade embargo in the 1990s and ongoing corruption, had set back development in Baghdad, causing considerable damage.
However, Islamic State group fighters have taken over a number of towns in Diyala province, east of Baghdad.
A fourth bombing attack targeted a civilian gathering in Al-Talbia neighborhood, northeast of Baghdad, leaving six causalities including one fatality.
Our passenger loads have been consistently strong and we are confident that these positive booking numbers will also be reflected in our forthcoming Baghdad operation," added Khoory.
Upon its launch Wednesday, Baghdad Bureau contained entries dating back to January.
First, the United States is doing little, if anything, to restrain ethnic cleansing, either in Baghdad neighborhoods or Sunni and Shiite enclaves surrounding the capital.
President Bush plans to send another 20,000 American troops to Iraq--mostly to Baghdad, a city of more than 6 million people, where they will have to engage in door-to-door combat in the middle of a civil war.
Ali is a twenty-five-year-old carenter living in Hurrea, on the ast side of what has become a rigid front line in Baghdad.
The war in Iraq is silently taking its toll on the Assyrians particularly in the Northern regions of Kirkuk, Mosul and Baghdad where the Assyrian population is concentrated.
But the outcome is important, especially if Kurdistan reaches the day--and it seems increasingly likely that it will--that it breaks entirely free of Baghdad and declares independence.
An uncontested masterpiece and a landmark of Baghdad, Nasb al-Hurriyah was the first public monument in Iraq to be built by an Iraqi artist, a bas-relief mural in bronze (50m x 8m), commissioned by the new Iraqi military regime in 1959 to celebrate the revolution.
She is almost afraid even to speak to me, talking in a very low voice across the table at the hotel dining area, glancing around the room before admitting, "The people in Baghdad are afraid.