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The bag-valve-mask ventilation was without any difficulty during the preoxygenation and throughout the intubation process.
Initially designed for use in the operating room as a method of elective ventilation, it is a good alternative to bag-valve-mask ventilation, freeing the hands of the provider with the benefit of less gastric distention.
Recommended airway management for drowning victims includes mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, bag-valve-mask ventilation, endotracheal ventilation or an emergency airway adjunct such as a laryngeal mask, King Tube[R], Combitube[TM] or cricothyroidotomy (3).
Tony and Dave administered CPR while Paul used a bag-valve-mask apparatus to ventilate the woman.
However, since MICR passive ventilation proved a dramatic change for EMS personnel, bag-valve-mask ventilation was still permitted during this study.
When teaching lifeguard personnel ablaut positive pressure ventilation using a personal resuscitation mask, a personal resuscitation shield, or a bag-valve-mask resuscitator, suction equipment should absolutely be a part of the instruction.
However, before intubation, the patient was ventilated with a bag-valve-mask that may have contributed to aerosolization of SARS-CoV.
ventilation through use of a bag-valve-mask, but the correct size is
That conclusion emerged from the first controlled study comparing endotracheal intubation (ETI) and bag-valve-mask (BVM) ventilation in 830 children aged 12 years and younger.
This advanced course is designed for the health-care provider and will cover two-person and bag-valve-mask operation, Standerfer said.
Bag-valve-mask ventilation and maintenance of the arterial oxygen saturation in the desirable level were not successful.
Intratracheal jet ventilation is an effective method for ventilating anaesthetised, apnoeic patients when artificial airways or bag-valve-mask ventilation interfere with the surgical procedure, e.