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From Homer's Odyssey to Homer Simpson, bad trips make us blow up with laughter and exhaust.
Five years after he created it, Hofmann accidentally ingested the drug and took the first bad trip: "A demon had invaded me," he said.
'A Bad Trip in a Tired Whale' is published by 1stBooks Library and is available for USD12.95.
Her 68-year-old nan, Susan, was heartbroken by the descent of her beloved grand-daughter into drug-taking, and went looking for her, but Suzi was nowhere to be seen and no-one recalled setting eyes on her after she had fled the house on her bad trip.
The Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial (Wednesday, Channel 4) was a scientific experiment as well as TV programme, which was all well and good, but the sight of Jon Snow staring down the camera while splitting open a huge plastic brain just felt like a bad trip, man.
London, September 24 ( ANI ): 'James Bond' actor Sir Sean Connery warned an author not to take the drug Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) because he had experienced a bad trip when he tried the hallucinogenic drug himself, it has been revealed.
He allegedly pleaded with officers for them to use a stun gun on him so he could get off his "bad trip."
JOHN'S vision for the Trotters' flat in Peckham was a room that should reflect their style of business with "clean but gaudy" decor and clashing patterns that would make it look like a "bad trip".
Moments later Miley says: "Having a little bit of a bad trip."
Talk about the risks of pregnancy, catching an STI - sexually-transmitted illness - accidental overdose, a bad trip, having an accident, or unwanted sexual approaches.
Winning jockey Robert Havlin said: "He's done it very well and on his first run last year he had a bad trip and didn't really see the trip out.