public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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Even on Thursday's back pages, Robbie Keane and Tony Mowbray had yet another go at McDonald as bad PR was allowed to run and run.
It would be very bad PR to go back on ourselves once we'd announced we were using 100% renewable energy only.
The town hall now has a week in which to confirm or deny the amount - or live forever with the bad PR.
It fought the inclusion of the citizen's committee in the case; the Hearst notification that it might have to put the P-I up for sale is bad PR for the Times, as is the fact that Hearst appears to have wanted to bend over backward to help out the Times by loaning it money.
They'll have wanted to exploit any weaknesses in this year's parade plans, in the hope of rolling out some bad PR for the marchers and security forces.
s control of its game-day activities to Him -- He's risking more than bad PR.
While the five companies may face problems from potential bugs in the system and the bad PR that some sort of failure will inevitably bring, those on the outside that have also been accredited are also worried about their future.
Bad PR killed irradiation before consumers ever had a chance to understand what it was and its potential benefits.
The onslaught of bad PR for `GMA' has really helped `This Morning,' "one top-level celeb promoter says, explaining that some publicists don't want to put their clients in the uncertain environment that is "GMA.
Despite the bad PR of a safety recall, the automaker got consumers back behind the wheel with ride-and-drive programs and engaged drivers with a multicity environmental debate series--moderated by entertainment personalities--to launch the Lexus CT 200h hydrid vehicle.
Some people were more angry than amused, saying the CIA had made a bad PR move and should stop the tweet storm.
The church has had a lot of bad PR and the bishop hasn't helped matters.