public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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For all the bad PR, the Steelers have suspended these players a total of one game.
Martin Warren, head of the HR Group at Eversheds, said: "Industrial action, whether threatened or real, leads to disrupted services, lost profits, bad PR and low staff morale.
These products also appeal to licence holders, who have fewer products to endorse with their characters since unhealthy foods have become such bad PR.
who is worried that the murder represents bad PR for vampires.
While everyone from the prime minister to his underlings pointed fingers and twisted their noses out of joint at a situation becoming more than an unfortunate bit of bad PR, Canada's favourite general tried to blame the postal service.
Despite the bad PR, Morgan Stanley upgraded Colgate to Overweight, citing cost savings, strong operating fundamentals and the weak dollar as providing a potential upside to earnings estimates
It fought the inclusion of the citizen's committee in the case; the Hearst notification that it might have to put the P-I up for sale is bad PR for the Times, as is the fact that Hearst appears to have wanted to bend over backward to help out the Times by loaning it money.
Oracle has been trying to limit this kind of bad PR.
I'm as committed to nonviolence as the next good Christian soldier, and I know rioting makes for bad PR, but I must confess that it even thrilled me when those wild children trashed McDonald's and The Gap.
The raking of mud was replaced by the flinging of fur and feather, with the best examples written up in textbooks -- environmental textbooks about bad PR.
After all, the RFT is now part of a corporation and we know how sensitive corporate bosses are to bad PR.
Indeed so-called 'quite diplomacy' may have got very bad PR of late, but it is still going on, and should keep the Government from dropping the idea of transition entirely.