Bad Fat

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Any fat linked to increased atherosclerosis, and a poor lipid profile
Examples Saturated fats (e.g., red meat, butter, ice cream); trans fats—processed foods (e.g., margarines), commercially baked or fried foods, whole milk
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TOO many bad fats such as saturated fat in the diet can increase LDL (bad) cholesterol
Lead researcher Dr Sheng Bi, from John Hopkins University's school of medicine, in Baltimore, said: "If we could get the human body to turn bad fat into good fat that burns calories instead of storing them, we could add a serious new tool to tackle the obesity epidemic.
Conventional knowledge indicates that diabetes increases risk of heart disease and stroke by increasing bad fat and decreasing good fat, hypertension, fatty acids etc.
What happens when you blow nearly a quarter of a day's calories, more than a third of a day's bad fat, and half a day's sodium (860 mg) on a snack?
Dr Jagyasi says that research indicates that heart disease is related to the quality and not the quantity of fat consumed: "The trick is in replacing the bad fat with good fats.
A blood or urine test could check for high levels of bad fat molecules.
There is no more question to this as several government of different countries have already initiated, successfully banned and/or regulated the availability of bad fat from food sources.
Olive oil has the good fat -- HDL -- rather than the bad fat -- LDL," he notes.
What they did is that they managed to come up with an appetite-suppressing protein that can turn the white fat into a bad fat.
Add the fries that come with it and you're up to 1,650 calories plus a two-day supply of bad fat (36 grams) and sodium (3,110 mg).
UNDERSTANDING differences between good and bad fat could lead to new ways of combating obesity, new research suggests.