Bad Fat

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Any fat linked to increased atherosclerosis, and a poor lipid profile
Examples Saturated fats (e.g., red meat, butter, ice cream); trans fats—processed foods (e.g., margarines), commercially baked or fried foods, whole milk
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So overall, you want to reduce your fat intake, especially the "bad fats," but you want to get traces of good fats from healthy sources.
"By using Omega-9 Oils, many of these bad fats have been replaced by heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, decreasing North Americans' risk of heart disease and diabetes."
This hour-long documentary spared him no cruel headline or telly spoof of the bad fat times, but Gary was open, honest and a good sport - and those dance moves in the Halton British Legion club was worth its weight in comedy gold.
The new discovery could lead new ways to control how this kind of cell contributes to the bad fat that surrounds the vital organs so that it becomes possible to lower the chances of developing the kind of obesity that raises the risk of serious disease, the Independent reported.
TRANS fats is an especially bad fat as it can increase LDL and decrease HDL
"Olive oil has the good fat - HDL - rather than the bad fat - LDL," he notes.
Researchers believe natural antioxidants in the vegetable stops the body from absorbing "bad fat" found in burgers and other fast food.
TURNING bad fat good may provide a new way of tackling obesity, research suggests.
" Conventional knowledge indicates that diabetes increases risk of heart disease and stroke by increasing bad fat and decreasing good fat, hypertension, fatty acids etc.
What happens when you blow nearly a quarter of a day's calories, more than a third of a day's bad fat, and half a day's sodium (860 mg) on a snack?
Dr Jagyasi says that research indicates that heart disease is related to the quality and not the quantity of fat consumed: "The trick is in replacing the bad fat with good fats."
A blood or urine test could check for high levels of bad fat molecules.