Lambda phage

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Lamb·da phage

a bacteriophage used extensively in experimental systems.
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They obtained atomic force microscope images of DNA molecules from bacteriophage lambda. By Roxanne Siadat, Rosie Hutchinson, Hein Jeon, Cameron Hamilton, Charles King & Elliott Gough Let there be light Dr Peter Hoare and the team from Kenton School synthesised and purified a BODIPY dye molecule which fluoresces under ultra-violet light.
[lambda]/HindIII: Bacteriophage Lambda ([lambda]) DNA cut with the restriction enzyme HindIII was obtained as a standardised 0.5 mg/ml solution from Promega Australia (www.promega,
Other topics include regulation of tryptophan biosynthesis in bacillus subtilis, the molecular signatures of natural selection, switches in bacteriophage lambda development, non- homologous end joining in yeast, and chromatin remodeling in dosage compensation.
The cro gene is transcribed early but acts late in the genetic program of bacteriophage lambda. Cro binds to its operator DNA as a dimer at nanomolar concentrations but is mostly monomeric in the absence of DNA.
In this way, they can account for the choice of replicative strategies the bacteriophage lambda makes after infecting Escherichia coli.