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It was observed that the use of Lactobacillus plantarurn decreased intestinal epithelial apoptosis and oxidative stress, while simultaneously strengthening intercellular adhesion supporting the mucosal integrity; further the use of glutamine and probiotics reduced bacterial translocation. Improvements-were found in all the biochemical, pathological, and microbiological findings in rats that underwent choledoch ligation [25-27].
Role of intestinal bacterial overgrowth and intestinal motility in bacterial translocation in experimental cirrhosis.
Obstructive jaundice alters kuppfer cell function independent of bacterial translocation. J Surg Res 1998; 80: 205-209.
Bacterial translocation from gastrointestinal tract to systemic organs creates the possibility of infection and sepsis in a great number of pathologic entities.
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In addition, a leaky gut exacerbates T1D either indirectly via beta-cell damage, due to bacterial translocation and related antigen presentation [95], or directly via beta-cell function impairment mediated by microbial toxins, such as streptozotocin [94].
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These findings may indicate that the responsible underlying mechanism for pneumonia in cases where intra-abdominal pressure is highly elevated could be bacterial translocation via the bloodstream, besides the aspiration of gastrointestinal content which is a known pathophysiologic mechanism.
* Traumatic SCI causes bacterial translocation (movement of bacteria from gut into sterile tissues throughout the body) and dysbiosis.
Gut-derived endotoxins and bacterial translocation are central factors implicated in the pathogenesis of fatty liver disease and, the development and progression of cirrhosis.
Gut origin of sepsis: A prospective study investigating associations between bacterial translocation, gastric microflora, and septic morbidity.