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Harry E., 20th-century U.S. proctologist. See: Bacon anoscope.
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A cured meat from pigs and hogs, which usually has veins of white fat running through it.

Health effects
• Every 2 rashers/slices of bacon per day increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 19% (based on a meta-analysis which pooled 11 studies involving 6000 patients).
• Increased risk of COPD, likely due to the sodium nitrite which is used as a preservative in pork products.
• Heart disease and diabetes—here linked to chemical preservatives
• Trichinosis—caused by Trichinella spiralis, a roundworm, the larvae of which encyst in muscle.

The first step involves soaking in brine or dry packing, followed by boiling or smoking.


A chemotherapy regimen for patients with inoperable non-small cell carcinoma of the lung, consisting of:
• Bleomycin;
• Adriamycin-doxorubicin;
• Oncovin (vincristine); and
• Nitrogen mustard.
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To make a sweet cure bacon we added 10g brown sugar per kilo of cure, rubbing this into the other piece of back bacon.
This was for its dry cured back bacon and their home made pork pie topped with apple chutney and stilton cheese.
Leave it on the shelf Streaky bacon Croissant Butter Sausages Doughnut Biscuits Cream Cheese sauce Ice cream Full fat milk Cheddar cheese Burgers Minced beef Put it in the basket Lean back bacon Plain bagel Lower-fat spread Grilled fish fingers Currant bun Malt loaf Reduced fat yoghurt Tomato or vegetable sauce Lower-fat frozen yoghurt Semi-skimmed, 1% fat or skimmed milk * Lower-fat cottage cheese Lean steak Turkey mince True or false?
Back bacon, 99p for 250g from Lidl (49p sale price)
Back bacon comes from the loin of the pig and so will be leaner than streaky, which comes from the belly, so choose whichever cut you prefer.
Son Louie went for the buckwheat pancakes with back bacon (PS5.50) while I resisted the full English breakfast (PS8.95) to sample the warm bubble and squeak cake with fried egg for a much more modest PS5.50.
INGREDIENTS 2 pheasants 8 strips of back bacon Salt and pepper 4tbsp rapeseed oil 200ml Port or Madeira 2tsp redcurrant jelly 250ml game stock (preferably made from the game carcass, though chicken will do) 120g butter 2 sprigs thyme 2 small shallots, halved 6 large parsnips, peeled, split METHOD 1.
It picKed up gold for its thicK and thin porK sausages, its porK and chorizo sausages, its gammon, its sweet home-cured bacK bacon and its smoKed bacon.
ingredients 1tbsp rapeseed oil 125g unsmoked back bacon 100g mushrooms, chopped 125g self raising flour 100g wholemeal plain flour 1tsp baking powder 50g butter 30g cheese, such as Cheddar or Cheshire, grated 100ml semi skimmed milk method?
The old Christmas favourite treat of pigs in blankets has also become more expensive, with the cost of back bacon typically rising by 6.2% to pounds 9.11 per kg and the cost of pork sausages rising by 5.6% to pounds 4.33 per kg.
Add one teaspoon of olive oil and two rashers of lean smoked back bacon, trimmed of excess fat and chopped into strips.
They prepared a salad of leeks with back bacon, and separately roasted tomatoes sprinkled with smoked salt and a dressing of the blue cheese and spaghettini, followed by oranges and cream with smoked salt mixed with cardamom.