Back Belt

A stiff, 15–20-cm wide belt worn around the waists of those who lift heavy loads as part of their usual employment activities or during participation in certain sports
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An Aberfoyle martial artist reached the pinnacle of the sport after being presented with his back belt 1st dan grade.
For example, it was described in the literature that using back belt was associated with a reduction of low back injury incidents [15-17] and that lifting a box while rotating it with one edge staying on the ground could lessen the force used for the lift [18].
EVIE Ackroyd has become the latest member of Ashington Shotokan Karate Club to gain her back belt.
If I can explain the function of my back brace, then- It is a competent back belt that impedes the compression of spine and nerves, which leads to the reduction of lower back pain.
Sarkar started martial arts since 2014 under her father Bhaskar Sarkar, who is a senior Taekwondo instructor from Jorhat and have received her 1st Dan Back belt in the year 2014 under her father.
Shaikh Khalid said that HM receiving the Dan 9 Back Belt asserts the support of HM the King to youth and sport in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Sixth dan back belt Ian, 52, has been invited by Cynthia Rothrock to shoot a promotional video in Hollywood.
It featured a low back belt, pleated back and forward-moving sides which gave the line its name.
Tie the pants to the frame by running a piece of string through the back belt loop, then around the stick.