Bacillus subtilis

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Ba·cil·lus sub·ti·lis

The species name subtilis is correctly pronounced sub-tī'lis.
a bacterial species found in soil and decomposing organic matter; some strains produce the antibiotic subtilin, subtenolin, or bacillomycin; it has been associated with human infections primarily of immunocompromised patients, and with food poisoning. It is the type species of the genus Bacillus.
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Figure 2 shows the contour plots for the interaction of salt effect on nystose production by Bacillus subtilis natto CCT 7712 are showed on Figure 2.
Current analysis describes the high production of nystose by Bacillus subtilis natto CCT7712 with sugarcane derivatives.
Thus, sugarcane molasses seems to be an interesting substrate to nystose production by Bacillus subtilis natto CCT7712even at a lower production of nystose.
Optimization production of thermo active levansucrase from Bacillus subtilis natto CCT 7712.
Levan production using Bacillus subtilis natto cells immobilized on alginate.