Bacillus subtilis

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Ba·cil·lus sub·ti·lis

The species name subtilis is correctly pronounced sub-tī'lis.
a bacterial species found in soil and decomposing organic matter; some strains produce the antibiotic subtilin, subtenolin, or bacillomycin; it has been associated with human infections primarily of immunocompromised patients, and with food poisoning. It is the type species of the genus Bacillus.
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The strain identified as Bacillus subtilis was confirmed by Institute of microbiology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
Microbial proteases like Bacillus licheniformis alkaline protease, Aspergillus oryze validase, Bacillus subtilis neutral protease produced peptides with antioxidant potential [37].
One sub-clade virtually intricate group of closely related species including Bacillus subtilis subsp.
A novel strategy for protein production using non-classical secretion pathway in Bacillus subtilis. Microb Cell Fact 2016:15:69.
The soil samples were collected from different areas of Karachi and subjected to isolation of Bacillus subtilis as given in Table 1.
According to BIOLOG identification results, CP-1 as Bacillus subtilis, FDP-1 and BAB-410 as Bacillus thuringiensis, NEM-28 as Pseudomonas sp.
Safety assessment of Bacillus subtilis CU1 for use as a probiotic in humans.
The 16S rDNA sequences of RBS were aligned using the NCBI-BLAST database, indicating that it is 98% homologous to the sequence of Bacillus subtilis strain GH38 (Figure 4).
The genus Bacillus only was represented with one species and was named as Bacillus subtilis (two isolates AAUBT9A and AAUBT10B).
Field application of Pseudomonas fluorescens, Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma viride for the control of Meloidogyne incognita in sugarbeet.