Bach flower remedies

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Bach flow·er rem·e·dies

(bahk flow'ĕr rem'ĕ-dēz)
Developed by the English physician Edward Bach, these modalities are thought useful by some practitioners to rebalance one's emotional state to reduce stress on the body.
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Julian Barnard points out that Bach did not really address a comprehensive definition of such terms, but did talk of a conflict between a person's personality and their 'higher self One of the strengths of this authoritative treatment of Bach remedies is its acknowledgement of that perennial problem faced by practitioners of non-mainstream modalities: they may perform their healing role perfectly well, but their methodologies don't fit the RCT experimental orthodoxy.
"Most people will have heard of Bach Remedies which are good, especially for older people, but I use a range of different essences from different countries which I think are better at dealing with more contemporary issues."
"Even though Rescue Remedy and all of the Bach remedies are designed to work on the emotions," she says, "they frequently have an immediate impact on physical injuries."
Bach remedies were created to be so simple to use that people could treat themselves.
She believes the beauty of the Bach remedies is that people do not have to see a practitioner and can just make their own choices from the remedies.
"BACH remedies can help people to cope with whatever is going on in their life that might be causing fatigue," says practitioner Lynn Macwhinnie.
Bach remedies are a natural system of healing prepared from wild flowers and trees discovered by a Harley Street physician called Edward Bach in the 1930s.
Bach therapist Deirdre Barron, of Alyth, near Blairgowrie, said: "Bach remedies are a safe and natural method of healing.