Bach flower remedies

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Bach flow·er rem·e·dies

(bahk flow'ĕr rem'ĕ-dēz)
Developed by the English physician Edward Bach, these modalities are thought useful by some practitioners to rebalance one's emotional state to reduce stress on the body.
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Wendy Norman focussed her talk on the use of colour and vibrational medicine, incorporating the Bach flower essences with crystals and essential oils, and introduced us to the concept of aromachology (psychology and fragrance technology).
The Bach Flower Essences provide a safe, calming, positive energy to help you balance your emotions and stay in control.
Flower essences are grouped according to their geographic source (e.g., Califomia, Australia), however, the most popular by far are the original Bach Flower essences from England.
Bach Flower Essences (BFE) shift negative emotions to positive ones, helping people who are sad or angry.
Each piece contains four drops of soothing Bach flower essences. PS5.50 for 25 pieces from Boots.
You may find one or more of the Bach Flower Essences will keep you going in the meantime.
There are other natural things, such as Bach Flower Essences, which can be used.'