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A non-interactive, one-way transmission of data that does not require an immediate response, if at all.

A command-line parameter available for some programs that enables running of a program as a separate process in a batch queue; the program job may execute immediately as a separate process or may wait in a batch queue to execute at a later time. After the job is submitted to batch, the terminal is freed for other work.

A group of clinical specimens that are processed at the same time.

A specific quantity of material or drug substance processed in one run or a series of runs, and thus expected to result in a homogenous end-product.
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Juan Sebastian Bach comenta, al hablar de su antepasado lejano, que el hecho de trabajar en un ruidoso molino "le enseno a mantener el compas", siguiendo el ritmo de la maquinaria.
Other festival highlights include "Break-dancing Bach," a dance performance by four-time break-dancing world champions Flying Steps, who break to the strains of Bach.
Craven and Bach are due to meet in Tokyo during a World Economic Forum meeting on Thursday.
Bach also adapted for sacred purpose the cantata, originally a secular form of tantalizing eroticism that devolved around 1600 from the earliest Italian opera.
Judging by how the part is written and labeled, Bach must have assumed the trumpeter could only play the chorale in the key of the instrument.
Bach's Evangelist, Johann Heinrich Michel' which uses the music Bach composed for Michel (who was also his principal copyist) as a means of establishing a profile of the singer's voice and how Bach used him as a soloist.
RadioBach, apparently based in Poland, interrupts short and medium-length selections from his music only to credit Bach with a Polish pronunciation, while the other, Otto's Baroque Musick, interrupts not with musicians' names but short advertisements.
His son James Bach told the Associated Press his father was on his way to visit a friend on San Juan Island in the north Puget Sound on Friday when his amphibian plane clipped a power line as it landed, sending the aircraft into a crash.
Ifana Savill, chairman of Pentre Bach, said: "We've really been buoyed by the uplift in bookings already this year and are hoping for a further influx as the Pentre Bach story unfolds.
The plant used to mix 13 to 20 per cent of imported crude oil with the Bach Ho grade for its operation, he said.
Pentre Bach is open for day visits during school holidays and open all year for parties of all types and self-catering accommodation consisting of four self-catering houses which are 4-star graded.