baby bottle tooth decay

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ba·by bot·tle tooth de·cay

(bābē botĕl tūth dĕ-kā)
Abnormally high level of dental caries affecting the teeth of children usually younger than 4 years of age, related to prolonged use of a baby bottle containing cariogenic liquids.
Synonym(s): baby bottle syndrome, nursing bottle caries.
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Among some groups of young children, including Native Americans, "baby bottle tooth decay" (BBTD) (extensive tooth decay of the primary teeth in a characteristic pattern) ahs emerged as an important problem [14].
This damage is known as baby bottle tooth decay, and it happens when a child sleeps, rests or walks around with a bottle in his mouth.
Although baby bottle tooth decay is a problem nationally, it occurs more frequently in the African-American community.
Any sweet liquid, not just milk, can cause baby bottle tooth decay. This includes soda, all fruit juices, and even breast milk if a baby is allowed to sleep with the mother, nursing at will.
Treatment of baby bottle tooth decay can be painful for your baby and expensive for you, but the earlier treatment begins, the better.