Baby Theresa

An anencephalic infant born in 1992 in Florida, whose parents wanted her declared dead at birth—she lived 10 days—in order to donate her organs
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Despite knowing she will not keep the baby Theresa claims to have bought clothes on eBay in preparation for the arrival of their latest child.
I named my baby Theresa Angela, and my husband and I both told her we loved her in what we knew were her last hours on earth.
Baby Theresa was also born in 1992; her parents wanted her to be declared dead, because they desperately wanted to donate her tiny organs to a needy baby-a baby born with a bad heart or failing kidneys or lungs.
Why did the courts refuse to grant Baby Theresa the status of a "nonperson" so that she could be declared dead?
Would Baby K and Baby Theresa be protected by the ADA?
The case of Baby Theresa is a prime example of a child born with not much more than a brain stem that has no way to live as a human being with all the rights and privileges we are constitutionally guaranteed.