Baby Theresa

An anencephalic infant born in 1992 in Florida, whose parents wanted her declared dead at birth—she lived 10 days—in order to donate her organs
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Despite knowing she will not keep the baby Theresa claims to have bought clothes on eBay in preparation for the arrival of their latest child.
Coleman enjoyed playing the lottery, yardwork, spending quality time with his beloved granddaughter, "Baby Theresa", grocery shopping with his daughter Caroline and babysitting little Seamus.
FAMILY FORTUNES: Proud Theresa with husband Tom and baby Theresa; PICTURE: GARRY F MCHARG; 1; 5
I named my baby Theresa Angela, and my husband and I both told her we loved her in what we knew were her last hours on earth.
As with every precious child He creates, my baby Theresa's life had a purpose and meaning and so it will for all eternity as her soul is immortal.
The story of another anencephalic baby, Baby Theresa, has figured in some class discussions.
* Why did the courts refuse to grant Baby Theresa the status of a "nonperson" so that she could be declared dead?
Would Baby K and Baby Theresa be protected by the ADA?